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ALLAbout: Cars

ALLAbout: Cars is all about the four-wheeled vehicles that take us everywhere! Vroom vroom . . . let's go! With lots of movable parts and exciting facts, this interactive book engages children through hands-on learning. Turn a wheel to see cars of yesteryear, pull a tab to wash a car, or help fill it with gas. There's much to learn and do in this introductory book for young car fans! Comprehensive pages feature lots of moveable parts. Bright, charming illustrations inspire readers to discover and learn. A fascinating adventure that brings the world of cars to life!

- Geraldine Krasinski (author) Olivier Latyk (illustrator)
- 22 pages
- 8.3 inches W x 9.5 inches L x 1.2 inches
- Hardcover
- Twirl
- Ages 3 - 5
- 2019
- Children's
- Item #: 978-2408007904