Ceramic Maya Shell Vessel - Handcrafted in Nicaragua

  • This distinctive handcrafted vessel is made in a small village in San Juan de Orienta, Nicaragua, nestled among volcanos and alongside a picturesque lagoon. The clay pots are thrown on a kick wheel to form the shape. Afterward, they are painted using metal oxides and then meticulosuly carved, sgraffito style, using home made tools typically fashioned from the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Once the decorative incisions are complete, the pot is baked in a wood-burning kiln constructed form adobe bricks in the traditional bee hive configuration, where they are finally removed and polished. The designs are interpretations by the artist from those of Aztec, Maya, Inca and other Pre-Columbian cultures.

    - Fired clay, glazed
    - For decorative use only
    - 10 inches L x 6 inches W x 6 inches H
    - The purchase of this elegant vessel helps support and grow the prosperity of the artists, their families, and the community of the small village in Nicaragua
    - Item #: MAY SHL