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Chateau of Monceaux/Month of December - Tapestry Reproduction

  • Woven by skilled textile craftsmen exclusively for the Getty, this tapestry is a reproduction of one of the magnificent French tapestries in the Museum's collection. Each piece is unique, reflecting the variations in the natural fibers and complexity of weaving miles of cotton into a single tapestry.

    - 100% natural cotton tapestry reproduction
    - 52 inches x 48.5 inches
    - Display rod and mounting hardware included
    - Spot clean or dry clean as necessary
    - Made in the USA
    - Item #: TAPCHAT

    Colorful and glittering tapestries, handwoven after designs by the most renowed artists, were the ultimate expression of status, power, taste, and wealth. As patron, heir, and collector, Louis XIV (reigned 1643 - 1715) vastly augmented the prestigious French royal collection of tapestries with monumental hangings meant to embody and proclaim his magnificence. In the wintry landscape of this replica tapestry's middle ground, Louis XIV (reigned 1643 - 1715) leads a boar hunt. Behind is the Château of Monceaux, a favored retreat of his grandfather, Henri IV (reigned 1589 - 1610). The original hanging is one of twelve representing the months of the year, each with the corresponding sign of the zodiac, a French royal residence, and a court activity typical of that time or place. Painter Charles Le Brun conceived the iconographic program to visualize and aggrandize the persona of his royal patron. He drew inspiration from the symbol laden artistic tradition of calendrical cycles that portrayed the months of the year and their associated occupations coupled with depictions of key seats of dynamic power.

    Original Object Information:
    Tapestry, Château of Monceaux / Month of December
    French (Gobelins Manufactory), before 1712
    After a design conceived by Charles Le Brun (French, 1619–1690)
    Wool and silk
    317.5 × 330.8 cm (125 × 130 ¼ in.)