Detail from Monet's Waterlily Pond Chiffon Scarf

SKU: 24-008
  • In 1883 Monet moved from the north-west of Paris to Giverny where he lived until his death. Adjacent to his property was a small pond which he acquired in 1893, where he created a water garden with an arched bridge in the Japanese style. In 1900 he exhibited a series of ten canvases of the pond, showing a single subject in differing light conditions. He worked on similar series representing poplars, haystacks and the façade of Rouen Cathedral during the same period. The simple design of this painting with the close-up view of the bridge was repeated in several other canvases. The fresh greens of the foliage evoke an early summer's day. This scarf is a detail from the painting he did in 1899. The original of this painting is in the National Gallery in London.
    - 180 cm x 55 cm/ 71 inches x 22 inches
    - Made in England
    - 100% silk chiffon
    - Item #: 24-008