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Chronicles of Old Los Angeles: Exploring the Devilish History of the City of Angels

  • There’s more to Los Angeles than lights, camera, action! From the city's early, devilish days populated by missionaries, robber barons, oil wells and orange groves, Chronicles of Old Los Angeles explains how the Wild West became the Left Coast. Learn how Alta California became the 31st state, and how ethnic waves built Los Angeles—from Native Americans to Spaniards, Latinos and Asians, followed by gangsters, surfers, architects and the Hollywood pioneers who brought fame to the City of the Angels. Then, discover the city yourself with six guided walking/driving tours of LA’s historic neighborhoods, profusely illustrated with color photographs and period maps.

    - James Roman
    - 304 pages
    - 5.2 inches W x 7.9 inches L x 0.6 inches H
    - Paperback
    - Independent Publishers Group
    - 2015
    - Item #: 978-1940842004