Cycladic Thinker (8" H)

  • The Cycladic culture flourished in the islands of the central Aegean during the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC).  With their starkly elegant and simplified rendering of the human form, Cycladic sculptures often strike viewers as quite modern. Cycladic art encompasses the visual art of the ancient Cycladic civilization, which flourished in the islands of the Aegean Sea from 3300 - 2000 BCE. Along with the Minoans and Mycenaeans, the Cycladic people are counted among the three major Aegean cultures. Cycladic art therefore comprises one of the three main branches of Aegean art.

    - Dimensions of statuette: 8 in x 6 in x 5 in
    - Box: 7 in x 10 in x 6 in
    - Made in Greece
    - Item#: GAB SK8