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Darker Shades: The Racial Other in Early Modern Art

Difference exists; otherness is constructed. This book asks how important Western artists from Giotto to Titian and Caravaggio, and from Bosch to Dürer and Rembrandt, shaped the imaging of non-Western individuals in early modern art. Victor I. Stoichita's nuanced and detailed study examines images of racial otherness during a time of new encounters of the West with different cultures and peoples, such as those with dark skins: Muslims and Jews. Featuring a host of informative illustrations and crossing the disciplines of art history, anthropology, and postcolonial studies, Darker Shades also reconsiders the Western canon's most essential facets: perspective, pictorial narrative, composition, bodily proportion, beauty, color, harmony, and lighting. What room was there for the "Other," Stoichita would have us ask, in such a crystalline, unchanging paradigm?

- Victor I. Stoichita
- 240 pages
- 5.6 Inches W x 8.6 Inches L x 1.1 Inches H
- Hardcover
- Reaktion Books
- 2019
- Item #: 978-1789140569