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Decorative Bowl - Medium Blue

  • Alain Villechange, a master glassblower in Gurcy le Chatel, France, works with his wife, designer Laurence Brabant, to create these exquisite pieces for their studio, Laurence Branbant Éditions. Each piece is mouth-blown with no cold works or molds. These colored décor bowls have been created with a spiral around the wall of the container and then gently and subtly hot-stretched to create a delicate pattern. Ancient Italian glass blowing techniques are utilized in creating these beautiful, light-as-a-feather glass bowls.

    - Note: As these products are one-of-a-kind and produced without a mold, patterns may vary slightly from what is shown in image.
    - 3 1/4 inches diameter x 2" high
    - Hand wash
    - Item #: UP MED BLU