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Deskfruit - Augmented Reality Object


    • Deskfruit anchors the splendor of AR in real-world objects that you can hold in your hand. Think of Deskfruit augmented reality objects as futuristic totems. These strange wooden objects have magical powers. Viewed through the free Deskfruit app, the objects come to life. The first scenes include cactuses, campfires, trees and a volcano that erupts onto your table, as well as mini games and interactive scenes only possible with the splendor of augmented reality. New scenes and games will be regularly added to the app. When Deskfruit isn’t showing you some cool scene, model or game, it is a beautiful piece of design that sits happily on your desk or in your pocket.

      How to get started with your Deskfruit:
      You’ll need to download the app in iOS via the App Store (available for iPad and iPhone).
      1. Open the Deskfruit app.
      2. Point the circle on the phone screen at the image, and voila!

      How to interact with Deskfruit:
      Just hold the object in your hand. Twist, turn, and manipulate the object to rotate the scene.
      To change the scene, just tap the + icon and it will take you to a menu where you can just tap to change.

      - Item #: DESKFRUIT

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