Illumination Detail from the Antiphon Manuscript of St. Louis of Toulouse

  • This reproduction of an illuminated manuscript detail depicts the curling leaves that form the initital 'T' from the antiphonal manuscript featuring Saint Louis of Toulouse, part of the J. Paul Getty Museum's collection. Hand painted by Claudia Tulifero in Florence, Italy. She prepares her own egg tempera with pure pigments and genuine lapis lazuli and paints on parchment prepared by a French artisan. Each illumination is gilded with 23¾ karat pure gold leaf. Comes with text that describes the origin of the detail. Matted and ready for framing.

    - Illuminated detail measures 1-3/8 inches x 7.5 inches (3.2 cm x 14 cm)
    - Matted for framing on beige board; overall measurements are 6 inches x 8.25 inches (15 cm x 21 cm)
    - Item #: SNLUFRAN

    Louis was the son of Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples (1288-1309), educated by Franciscan friars, and eventually joining their order. This leaf belonged to an antiphonal from a famous series of choir books commissioned by Cardinal Bessarion (about 1399/1408-1472), a papal representative in Bologna between 1450 and 1455. This volume also displayed the coat of arms of Borso d'Este, the first Duke of Ferrara, a major patron of the arts in that city in the mid-1400s.

    Franco dei Russi (Italian, active about 1453 - 1482)
    Ferrara, Italy about 1453-63