Dorothea's Eyes

Here is the powerful and inspiring biography of Dorothea Lange activist, social reformer, and one of the founders of documentary photography. After a childhood bout of polio left her with a limp, all Dorothea Lange wanted to do was disappear. But her desire not to be seen helped her learn how to blend into the background and observe. With a passion for the artistic life, and despite her family's disapproval, Lange pursued her dream to become a photographer and focused her lens on the previously unseen victims of the Great Depression. This poetic biography tells the emotional story of Lange's life and includes a gallery of her photographs, an author's note, a timeline, and a bibliography.

- Barb Rosenstock (Author) Gerard Dubois (Illustrator)
- 40 pages
- 8.6 inches W x 11 inches L
- Paperback
- Calkins Creek
- Ages 7-10
- 2022
- Children's
- Item #: 978-1635925630