Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians: An Archaeological and Historical Guide

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Title: Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians
  • Edited by Roger S. Bagnall and Dominic W. Rathbone

    The thousand years of Egyptian history from the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. to the Arab conquest in A.D. 641 are rich in archaeological evidence and well documented by 50,000 papyri in Greek, Egyptian, Latin, and other languages. However, travelers and others interested in the remains of this period are ill-served by most guides to Egypt, which concentrate on the pharaonic buildings. The dozen leading experts who have contributed to this volume redress the imbalance with clear and concise presentations of the history and the documentary evidence from the Hellenistic, Roman, and late antique periods, enabling the reader to appreciate the fascinating cities, temples, churches, and tombs from these later periods.

    With specially commissioned plans of sites and buildings and room-by-room tours of museums, this book is both a tourist's companion to the principal sites and an armchair guide to the splendors of a little-known and culturally diverse civilization.

    Roger S. Bagnall directs the Columbia University Excavations at Amheida, Dakhla Oasis, in Egypt and is the author of Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History. Dominic W. Rathbone has directed an archaeological survey in the southwest Fayyum of Egypt and is the author of Economic Rationalism and Rural Society in Third-Century A.D. Egypt.

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