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Egyptian Alabaster Vessel with Gold Leaf Detailing - Large

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  • This Egyptian alabaster vessel was handcrafted in Luxor, amidst the pharaonic monuments and temples built by Egypt’s ancient civilizations. Skilled artisans, drawing on their Bedouin heritage, carve each piece before the border at the top is drawn by an Egyptian calligrapher. This is followed by several stages of waxing and drawing, finishing with the application of Turkish gold leaf. Similar patterns can be found on the ancient Egyptian structures that have influenced the geometric designs in modern Islamic art.

    - White Alabaster with 14K Turkish Gold Leaf Border
    - Dimensions: 8 inches high x 5 1/2 inches diameter x 3 inches opening
    - Made in Egypt
    - Item #: alabaster1

    Please note that alabaster is porous and is not watertight. A watertight container must sit inside the vessel if used as a vase or candle holder. Can be cleaned with a feather duster or soft non-abrasive cleaning cloth; do not use water or other liquid cleaners.

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