Ferro da Prua Wood Bookmark

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  • This bookmark is a reproduction of the 'Ferro da Prua' (Iron for the Prow), the metal profile fitted to the bow of each gondola. Traditionally, thanks to its weight, it is essential to balancing the weight of the gondolier, but it also has a decorative and symbolic meaning: the six teeth or prongs stand for the six 'sestieri' or districts of Venice, the tooth toward the center of the gondola symbolizes the island of Giudecca, and the summit represents the Doge’s cap. This original object is cut from a sheet of walnut, then treated with non-toxic, non-staining wax. It is autographed by Saverio Pastor, 'Remèr a l'Arsenal' (oarmaker at the Arsenale).

    - Information sheet included 
    - Measures: 6 inches long x 2 inches wide
    - Item #: fdp bk mrk