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Floral Crown Wreath

A charming mix of deep pink and dusty pink artificial flowers woven into a simple wreath, the rose flower crown is a beautiful floral hair accessory for those who love a natural, bohemian style. The faux flower crown comes with a ribbon tie to adjust the fit of the circlet to suit different hairstyles.

- Polyester flowers & plastic wreath
- One size fits all (Smallest fit: 6.8 inches diameter)
- Includes ribbon for size adjustments
- Can be worn with hair up or down
- Made in China
- Item #: 5225-06

The flower crown is today a fashionable accessory synonymous with Coachella revelers and boho brides, but it's not new: wearing leaves and flowers as a headpiece has a rich history dating back to the ancient classical world. Ancient gods and goddesses were often represented in art and literature wearing specific plants dedicated to them. The ancient Greeks first introduced the crown as an honorary reward for victors in athletic, military, poetic, and musical contests. In ancient Rome, the Floralia festival was held in honor of Flora, goddess of flowers, vegetation, and spring so it's no surprise that a headpiece made of flower petals and interwoven vines was the must-have accessory. In Europe this religious festival was later celebrated as the secular May Day.