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Floratopia: 110 Flower Garden Ideas for Your Yard, Patio, or Balcony

Create a flower haven with help from a veteran garden designer and floral expert. Floratopia showcases beautiful flower variety ideas for designing a gorgeous floral space, and instructions for planting and maintaining flowers that are ideal for your zone, climate, and garden layout. With 110 illustrated ideas replete with expert tips and stunning photography, this book is for gardeners of all experience levels who will be drawn in by Jan Johnsen's encouraging voice, experience, and contagious passion for garden design. Johnsen encourages you to see the potential for flowers in any outdoor area you might have. Floratopia is divided into six themed chapters containing concise, illustrated tips that will not only inform on the nuts-and-bolts level but will also inspire and empower. Ideas include the Art of Raking, Shade Gardens, Herbs and Flowers, Edible Flowers, the Drought-Resistant Garden, Mindful Weeding, the Meadow Garden, and much more. Different flowers will be recommended for various seasons, zones, and climates. Every idea is a lens for viewing your garden's potential, whether it's an expansive front yard or just a windowsill.

- Jan Johnson
- 256 pages
- 8 inches W x 10 inches L
- Hardcover
- Contryman Press
- 2021
- Gardens
- Item #: 978-1682685983