Fractiles-7 Magnetic Tiling Toy

  • Award-Winning Fractiles-7 received a Parents’ Choice Award for play and educational value, quality and design.

    Versatile -  Use these wonderful little diamond-shaped tiles to easily create seven-fold snowflakes, star-bursts, spirals, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, beautiful mandalas, butterflies, spaceships, 3-D illusions, much more. Builds Pattern Recognition Skills.

    Elegant Geometry - The versatile elegant geometry allows anyone to create endless varieties of imaginative and beautiful designs. Designs range from very simple to infinitely complex.

    Ethical Production Fractiles is manufactured in the USA with no child labor or exploitation.
  • - 48 Magnetic Tiles
    - Board not included
    - For ages 6 to adult.
    - Flat package 6 1/2" square
    - Item #: FRIFRC