Fragment Sculpture of a Goddess

SKU: re000069
  • Hand patinated resin reproduction of a sculpture of a goddess, cast from the original in limestone, housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. - Egypt circa 3rd Century B.C..

    -Imported from France
    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 5 inches H x 4 3/4 inches W x 3/4 inches D 
    - Item#: RE000069

    This limestone fragment of an artist's sketch was found in the course of the Franco-Polish excavations at Edfu (Upper Egypt). It is probably the upper part of the great goddess Hathor, venerated in her temple at Denderah, the feminine counterpart of Horus, the solar force that nurtures the life of the world. The contours of the body and face are in the style of the early period of the Ptolemies, shortly after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt.