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Sterling Silver Poesy Ring

  • In 16th and 17th century France, wedding rings were commonly inscribed with sentiments of love, faith and hope, or short love poems known as poesy. Sterling silver betrothal rings would often be replaced by the same design and inscription in gold upon marriage. The popularity of these poesy rings is attested to by their frequent mention in Shakespeare's plays. However, the tradition was at the height of its popularity during the Renaissance period.

    These romantically inscribed sterling silver rings are faithfully accurate copies of historic originals in the collections of the Museum of London and the British Museum. Translations of the inscription and additional information are provided on an accompanying educational sheet.

    This ring is inscribed with "ne weil aymer autre que vous" meaning, "I do not wish to love any other."

    - Sterling silver
    - Polish gently with treated jewelry cloth
    - Item #: ML005R5