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Shaping the Invisible: Music in the Time of Leonardo da Vinci CD

  • This album features music by composers known to Leonardo from his time in Florence, where he studied music with Antonio Squarcialupi, the organist at Santa Maria del Fiori, the Florence cathedral. Squarcialupi owned an important manuscript of early Italian music, and works from this are included here. Also featured is music by Dufay, Squarcialupi s successful contemporary, and sacred and secular pieces that could be heard in Florence at the turn of the 1500s.

    Music should be called none other than the sister of painting . . . it is the shaping of the invisible.
    Leonardo da Vinci

    1 Anonymous Estampie Royale
    The Renaissance Consort
    2 Anonymous La Manfredina
    The Renaissance Consort
    3 Guillaume Dufay (about 140074)
    Quel fronte signorille The Hilliard Ensemble
    4 Anonymous Saltarello The Renaissance Consort
    5 Anonymous Ductia II The Renaissance Consort
    6 Giachetto de Mantova (14831559)
    Dum vastos fl uctus Adriae
    Magdala directed by David Skinner
    7 Francesco Landini (1325/3597) Lasso di donna
    Martin Souter
    8 Anonymous Amoroso The Renaissance Consort
    9 Anonymous (early 1400s) Douce speranche
    The Hilliard Ensemble
    10 Anonymous Ductia I The Renaissance Consort
    11 Philippe Verdelot (about 1480/85 before 1552)
    Congregati sunt Magdala directed by David Skinner
    12 Francesco Landini Amor con fede seguito
    Martin Souter
    13 Anonymous Lamento Michelene Wandor
    14 Bartolino da Padova (active 13751405)
    Qualle lece move Martin Souter
    15 Guillaume Dufay Ma belle dame souveraine
    The Hilliard Ensemble
    16 Anonymous Angelus ad Virginem
    The Renaissance Consort
    17 Anonymous Saltarello II
    The Renaissance Consort