Venetian Mask - Gold Columbina

SKU: M-314-S
  • One of the first women to be accepted into the theatre, Columbina was reluctant to cover her lovely features with a mask, so the small half-mask, or loup, was designed especially for her. She could lower the mask at any time to reveal her face as she would hold the mask using the decorated stick.

    Handcrafted in Italy using papier mache, each mask is lined with gauze and placed in an oven to stiffen. The mask is then trimmed and hand painted, ready to wear or display. The mask-making tradition has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

    - Measurements: 14 inches H (with stick) x 6 inches W (mask) x 3.5 inches D
    - Made in Italy
    - Item #: M-314-S

    Masks were the hallmark of Carnevale in Venice. The practice of wearing masks for disguise reached its zenith in the 18th century. Masks virtually disappeared along with Carnevale when Napoleon's troops brought an end to the Venetian Republic in 1797. In the 1980's, Venice revived Carnevale, continuing today as a spectacular event culminating on Martedi Grasso or Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday). The profession of mask making was founded in Venice, Italy in April 1436 by the Masters of the Painters Guild.