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Laurel Wreath - Gold Plated

  • Inspired by an ancient Greek gold wreath in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, this wreath headband, adorned with gold plated laurel leaves and berries, is a modern take on a classical tradition. Wear it with the hair down, or create an effortless updo by twisting strands of hair around the headband.

    - Dimensions of leaves: 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch 
    - Diameter of headband: 5 1/4 inches 
    - Item #: LWHBG

    Gold wreaths derive their form from wreaths of real leaves worn in religious ceremonies and given as prizes in athletic and artistic contests. Because of their fragility, gold wreaths were probably not meant to be worn. They were dedicated to the gods in sanctuaries and placed in graves as funerary offerings. Although known in earlier periods, gold wreaths became much more frequent in the Hellenistic age, probably due in large part to the greatly increased availability of gold in the Greek world following the eastern conquests of Alexander the Great.