Hand Blown Glass Wishing Ball and Gratitude Globe

  • This beautiful hand blown glass globe is a very special vessel for wishes, dreams, blessings and expressions of appreciation.

    Write your message of hope or gratitude on a page of the included notepad, tear out the page, roll it up, focus on your message and then tuck the paper inside the globe for safe keeping.

    This globe makes a great social gift, for a baby or bridal shower, a birthday, graduation or house warming - each guest can write their wish for the guest of honor, creating a lovely keepsake of the event.

    The globe may also be a very personal, private totem or just a special decorative object. 

    - Packed in a gift box with a 52-page notepad
    - Approximately 4 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches in diameter 
    - Item #: GRATGLB

    Jill Henrietta Davis is the owner and designer of Henrietta Glass. In 1988, after experimenting with many different materials and art forms, she was exposed to the wonders of molten glass and immediately fell under its spell. Glass can do things that would be impossible with any other material, and blowing glass is just plain fun. Jill tries to convey this in her work by blending whimsy with fine craftsmanship as part of her design philosophy.