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Greek Coin Reproduction - Cleopatra VIII


  • Reproduction of a Greek coin originally struck in 84 B.C.

    A portrait of Cleopatra is observed on one side of the coin with an eagle standing on a thunderbolt on the reverse side. Cleopatra VIII had a relationship with Julius Caesar that led to her sole rule of Egypt.  After Caesar’s assassination, she aligned with Marc Antony. Her reign marks the end of the Hellenistic Era and the beginning of the Roman Era in Egypt. She was the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

    - Diameter: 26 mm
    - Material: Silver plated lead free pewter 
    - Made in the USA 
    - Packaged in a coin collecting flip with the description of coin printed on flip insert.
    - Coin complies with the Hobby Act and is stamped 'copy'
    - Item #: EGY-20

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