Greek Coin Reproduction - Tanit, Goddess of Carthage and Pegasus

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  • This reproduction of an ancient Greek coin features the goddess of Carthage, Tanit, and Pegasus. On one side is the head of Tanit, wreathed with corn; the reverse side depicts Pegasus, the mythical flying horse. Tanit was the great Goddess of Carthage and worshipped as its chief deity. As the Sky Goddess, she ruled over the Sun, Stars and Moon. Her name means 'Serpent Lady.' Pegasus is the great winged stallion, usually depicted in pure white, who could be captured and ridden. He kicked Mt. Helicon to stop it from growing and opened a spring called Hippocrene.

    - Cast by hand from lead-free pewter and finished with silver plating
    - Coin measures approximately 1.5" in diameter
    - 'Copy' is stamped on one side so that the replica complies with the Hobby Act
    - Item #: COIN 13