Hand Carved Cameo Ring - Diana

SKU: 22316K
Size: 7
  • Set in sterling silver, this stunning cameo ring is hand carved in Italy from a single shell.

    - Available in size 7
    - Materials: Hand carved conch shell and sterling silver
    - Dimensions: 1 inch x 1 1/2 inches
    - Comes with Certificate of Guarantee
    - Item #: 22316K

    Master carver Gennaro Borriello is one of the leading cameo producers in Torre del Greco. He utilizes several carvers of different skill levels who carve cameos to his specifications, after which he approves the cameo and, if necessary, applies finishing touches. Each hand-carved cameo crafted in Mr. Borriello’s workshop boast his signature on the back as a guarantee of authenticity. Gennaro Borriello is responsible for selecting the subject of each cameo produced by his artists. This cameo features the Roman Goddess Diana, known in Greek Mythology as Artemis. Diana was the goddess of the hunt and the protector of women in childbirth. She hunted with silver arrows and loved all wild animals. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and was the twin of Apollo. Her symbols include the cypress tree and the deer.

    Although the tradition of carving positive reliefs, or cameos, from gems, stone, and glass can be traced back to the third century BC, today the most popular cameos are carved in sea shells, a practice that began between the 15th and 18th centuries. The village of Torre del Greco on the Bay of Naples in Italy is the most famous location for cameo design and carving. The town has been an international leader in shell cameo production since the eighteenth century, when engravers first set up workshops to use the coral brought back by local fishermen.