Hand Blown Perfume Bottle (4" H) - Rose - Harrie Art Glass

  • Each glass perfume bottle is hand blown by a Southern California artist Paul Harrie. He uses classical forms in his glass works combining vibrant colors with a number of elegant techniques. The perfume bottles are made with a combination of colors and then encased with clear glass and blown into a thick organic shape. Each piece is handcrafted and the color may vary from light to darker shades of glass. Included is an information card on the artist Paul Harrie.

    Due to its handcrafted nature and limited availability, this piece may require up to 4 weeks to deliver. You will be contacted by our Customer Service team if your item will not ship within the normal 2-3 business days. Please contact us at gettystore@getty.edu or call our Customer Service line at 310-440-7333 if you wish to inquire about availability before ordering.

    - 4" high x 3" diameter
    - Item #: PHSO ROSE