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Small Convertible Hand Bag featuring Cézanne's Still Life with Apples by Gabs, Italy

  • Gabs was founded in 2000 by designer Franco Gabbrielli in Florence. His family tradition and experience within the leather goods industry dates back to the 1970s.

    After many years of developing bags in the traditional way, Franco decided to take on a challenge of a new major project: to work on “a new concept of bag” where the bag can be transformed, according to the consumer needs. Bags include zip closure, cotton lining and internal pockets both open and zipped, leather handles, adjustable and removeable nylon shoulder strap, leather insert that helps maintain the shape of the bag, small notebook, and storage bag.

    - Materials: PU and leather accent outer with cotton inner lining
    - Made in Italy
    - Item#:  30T2F6166

    During the last thirty years of his life, Paul Cézanne painted the same objects--the green vase, the rum bottle, the ginger pot, and the apples--over and over again. His interest was not in the objects themselves but in using them to experiment with shape, color, and lighting. He arranged his still lifes so that everything locked together. Edges of objects run into each other; for example, a black arabesque seemingly escapes from the blue cloth to capture an apple in the center; the sinuous curves of the blue ginger pot's rattan straps merge with other straps on the body of the bottle behind. Giving form and mass to objects through the juxtaposition of brushstrokes and carefully balanced colors and textures, he gave the painting a sense of comforting stability.

    Paul Cézanne (French, 1839 - 1906)
    Still Life with Apples, 1893 - 1894, Oil on canvas
    65.4 × 81.6 cm (25 3/4 × 32 1/8 in.)
    The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles