How to Photograph People

Whatever type of device you use to take pictures - whether a phone or a pro-spec digital camera - the most compelling subject is always other human beings. Portraiture is one of the most popular genres in photography but it can also be one of the most daunting to undertake, especially when you're just starting out.

In this comprehensive guide, Demetrius Fordham shares his real-life experiences from years of portrait sessions, using these examples to impart the tips, tricks and knowledge that will let you take your own amazing images of people.

-Learn from real-life portraiture examples, shot by a top pro
-Gain the skills needed to create a rapport with your subject
-Get all the tips and tricks for perfect posing
-Master every type of portraiture from casual-looking group shots to formal studio sessions
-Discover techniques that will let you get amazing pictures of people in any situation

- Demetrius Fordham
- 176 pages
- 7.6 inches W x 9.3 inches L
- Paperback
- Ilex Press
- 2022
- Photography
- Item #: 978-1781578247