Silk Scarf - Jeff Koons' Tulips

SKU: 50551T90
  • Limited Edition 100% silk scarf featuring Jeff Koons' Tulips.

    - 100% Silk
    - 111 inches X 131 inches
    - Dry Clean
    - Manufactured in France
    - Item#: 50551T90

    In 1994, Jeff Koons created and photographed still life installations featuring objects such as flowers, hearts, balloons and toys placed on reflective Mylar backdrops, that evoke the milestone celebrations of a year for a calendar. So pleased with the quality of his photographs, Koons decided to transcribe the subjects into paintings and sculptures. This ambitious series, 'Celebration', includes Tulips, the painting referenced in this limited edition silk scarf. Tulips places a familiar subject at the heart of a monumental composition, providing a small ephemeral object, a bouquet of different colored balloons in the form of tulips, with unexpected strength and presence. Placed on a silver metallic paper background, the bouquet is reflected and implodes in on itself, giving the whole composition an almost abstract rendering, although the paining is actually a faithful reproduction of reality.