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Josef Koudelka: Gypsies

This mini paperback edition of Gypsies makes a foundational body of work by master photographer Josef Koudelka newly accessible. This volume includes all 109 photographs from Koudelka's recent remastering of the Cikáni series (Czech for Gypsies), photographs of Roma society taken between 1962 and 1971 in then-Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, France, and Spain. Roma scholar and sociologist Will Guy, who wrote for both the 1975 and 2011 editions, updates his analysis of the condition of the Roma today, including the most recent upheavals in France and Europe. Stuart Alexander, photo historian and newly appointed editor in chief of Delpire, contributes a brief historiography of the evolution of this body of work in book form.

- Josef Koudelka
- 240 pages
- 6.4 Inches W x 8 Inches L x 0.9 Inch H
- Paperback
- Aperture
- 2019
- Item #: 978-1597114738