Lavender Honey from Provence

SKU: AO0046
    • Made naturally, this honey is extracted cold so that it is nutrient rich. The beautiful flavor of this honey can be attributed to the bees feeding predominantly on lavender flowers. Produced in Luberon, the heart of Provence, using selected harvests of flower nectars to lend the honey flavors of perfumed lavender, soft and delicate acacia, and dark and mysterious chestnut.

      This non-pasturized honey is opaque in nature, more spreadable than pourable, and will have a consistency between thick and stiff. Heating the honey will allow for a more liquid product. Beautiful on a pork roast, drizzled over grilled peaches, or warmed and served over homemade vanilla ice cream, the uses for this lavender honey are endless.

      - Contains 8.8 oz. 
      - Made in France
      - Item #: AO0046