Limited Edition Porcelain Plate by Bernardaud - Jeff Koons' Elephant

SKU: F222-21268
  • This porcelain coupe service plate is the product of a close collaboration between American artist Jeff Koons and French company Bernardaud, masters of Limoges porcelain since 1863. Featuring exquisite surface detail, this plate is 1 of a very limited 2500 copies made.

    - Limited Edition of 2500 copies
    - Includes Certificate of Authenticity and Informational Booklet 
    - Dimensions: 12 1 /2 inches diameter 
    - Item#: F222-21268

    An inflatable elephant was one of the first inflatables Jeff Koons worked with when he first moved to New York as a young artist in the late Seventies. In 2003, Koons referenced the inflatable in his sculpture, Elephant, that is depicted on this limited edition Bernardaud plate. Initially chosen by Koons for its visual intensity, Elephant is a mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture with stencils of color broken down to look like the original inflatable toy and applied in transparent color. Elephant comes after the Koon's celebration series but also incorporates aspects of the iconic Rabbit from the Statuary series in 1986. The elephant is a common motif in the work of Jeff Koons. From its first appearance as an inflatable toy in his studio, the elephant form reoccurs in various forms in works such as a large-scale stainless steel sculpture within the Celebration series, a brightly colored Easyfunanimal mirror, and imagery within the painting, Elephants, in the Easyfun-Ethereal series.