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Limited Edition Porcelain Plate by Bernardaud - Jeff Koons' Play-Doh



  • This porcelain coupe service plate is the product of a close collaboration between American artist Jeff Koons and French company Bernardaud, masters of Limoges porcelain since 1863. Featuring exquisite surface detail, this plate is 1 of a very limited 2500 copies made.

    - Limited Edition of 2500 copies
    - Includes Certificate of Authenticity
    - Dimensions: 12.2 inches diameter 
    - Item#: F154-2550

    Play-Doh is part of the highly acclaimed Celebration series which relates to the cyclical year (birthdays, holidays, seasons, etc.) and a more general celebration of the cycle of life and values like innocence, pleasure, and suspension of judgement. The image references, Play-Doh (1995-2008), a large-scale oil painting depicting a mound of Play-Doh against a reflective Mylar background, refracting the shapes and colors, creating a limitless spectrum of colors and textures. Koons wanted the Celebration paintings to be as objective as possible, a universal experience where everyone would see the same thing.

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