Lucian Freud and the Animal

SKU: 978-3864421150
  • A unique exploration of Lucian Freud’s intimate portrayal of animals throughout his career, this sumptuous volume ranges from early pen-and-ink studies to the later large oil portraits. Consummate 'painter of the flesh' Freud painted animals even more tenderly than people. As with his nude portraits in which no blemish, fold of fat or sign of exhaustion escapes his eye, no detail is lost in the animal portraits, especially his depictions of the affecting symbiotic relationship between animal and human owner. This publication begins with a reproduction of a poetry book he illustrated in his twenties, The Glass Tower, made during the war in 1944—of pen-and-ink sketches of dead animals—and concludes with oils of solitary horses. Freud, who spoke of his human models as 'animals dressed,' makes no distinction between his models, human or animal, in his search for their true natures. With the essay 'The Artist as Collector' by curator Ines Rüttinger and substantial texts accompanying each illustration, this is a richly evocative collection of paintings from an extraordinary artist.

    - Ines Ruttinger & Eva Schmidt
    - 120 pages
    - 11 1/2 inches W x 9 inches L
    - Hardcover
    - Ram Publications
    - 2015
    - Item #: 978-3864421150