Madison Candle

SKU: 560 MAD
  • The Madison Candle, a modern take on a classic form. The entire form is cast wax and burns down to within an inch of the bottom. It transforms as it burns form the tapered design to the base. Each candle is hand-cast from clean burning wax and features a 100% cotton wick.

    Burn Time: The taper portion of the candle burns for the first 4.5 hours, followed by the base itself which will burn for another 12 hours. The candle stops burning about an inch from the bottom, allowing Madison to be safely placed anywhere.

    - Hand-cast in Portland, Oregon
    - Packaged in sturdy cardboard tube measuring 16" high x 3" diameter, with an interior sleeve to protect the tapered candle.
    - Candle measures 13" high
    - Item #: 560 MAD