Male Divinity Face Fragment Sculpture

SKU: RE0000184
  • Hand patinated resin reproduction of a fragment sculpture of a male divinity, cast from the original in basalt, housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. - Egypt New Empire, Ramesside Period 1295-1069 B.C..

    - Includes certificate of authenticity
    - Dimensions: 7 1/2 inches H x 3 1/2 inches D x 3 1/2 inches W 
    - Item#: RE0000184

    This fragment from a statue shows the face of a male divinity, the chin adorned with a braided beard attached by straps. The very fine and regular features of the face reflect the artistic quality of the statue it once belonged to. This face belongs to a group of statues, at present in the Museum of Cairo, several fragments of which were found in the temple of Amon-Re in Karnak. This group portrays the great dynastic god Amon-Re and the goddess Mut who is associated with him. They were seated on each side of a small effigy of a standing king, probably Sethi I.