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Manifestoes of Surrealism

This book presents the essential ideas of the founder of French surrealism. Table of Contents: Preface for a reprint of the manifesto (1929); Manifesto of surrealism (1924); Soluble fish (1924) Preface for the new edition of the second manifesto (1946) Second manifesto of surrealism (1930); A letter to seers (1925); Political position of surrealism (extracts); Prolegomena to a third surrealist manifesto or not (1942); On surrealism in its living works (1953).

Surrealist photographers, artists, and writers are represented in the collections of the Getty Research Institute and the Getty Museum.

- André Breton (author), Richard Seaver, and Helen R. Lane (translators)
- 320 pages
- 5.4 inches W x 8 inches L x 0.9 inches H
- Paperback
- University of Michigan Press
- 1969
- Fiction and other writing
- Item #: 978-0472061822