Audio CD: Mexico

  • The music of Mexico reflects its cultural fusion of its roots to Aztec, Maya, Zapotec and other Native American empires. Added layers of other influences build on top of this legacy, from the lively beat of German polka to the suave ballads of Cuban bolero. The style of Mexican music best-known outside of the country is mariachi, string and brass ensembles whose rhythms and melodies have turned up in countless film and television shows. Unfortunately, the ubiquitous mariachi image has led to stereotypes about Mexican music. While mariachi is, indeed, an important part of Mexican musical culture, it is just one aspect of a scene that also includes rhythmic harps of Veracruz, peppy accordion riffs of norteño and poetic ballads if Oaxaca sung in indigenous languages, among others. There are also scores of contemporary artist who have made a conscious effort to explore their roots and offer new interpretations of traditional themes.

    Track list:
    1.La Calaca - 'El Tecolote'
    2.Mamselle Ruiz - 'Petrona'
    3.Locarno - 'La Bruja'
    4.Claudia Martínez - 'Ranchu Gubiña'
    5.Pastor Cervera - 'Nuestro Nido'
    6.Amanda Martinez - 'La Llorona'
    7.Los Hermanos Rios - 'Son Huini'
    8.Lila Downs - 'Naila'
    9.Bin Gula'za - 'Ra Bacheeza'
    10.Ani Cordero - 'Macorina' PUT359

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