Getty 2017 Mini Wall Calendar - Cats & Dogs

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  • The late 19th century was a golden age for animal photography: faster film and smaller cameras finally captured whiskers and wags without blur. Technology didn’t make it any easier to convince animals to sit still, of course—you still needed treats for that. The Industrial age ushered in both photography and a shift in our relationship with cats and dogs. Less needed as hunters and mousers, they became playmates, friends, fashion accessories. Posing for photographs with your trusted canine or feline companion quickly gained popularity. In February, a kitten goes in for some impromptu cha-cha-cha. April brings us a studio shot of celebrity actress and animal lover Sarah Bernhardt posing with a tiny terrier, which goes perfectly with her hat. All dogs are good dogs. Look at August’s impossibly grave fluffball, who has important work to do posing on a manly leather chair. In March two collies diligently assist their master with his landscape sketch. Particularly touching is November’s grizzled Samoyed, Vida, the only animal in this calendar whose name survives. A veteran of Robert Scott’s perilous voyage to the Arctic, he gives his master a look of the deepest longing. "He is a strange beast" wrote Scott of Vida, who would snuggle up to him. "I imagine so unused to kindness that it took him time to appreciate it". Cats have always been hard to photograph, and they like it that way. July’s patriotic tabby is not amused with his tiny tent and cannon, while the cat learning to write with a quill pen in September is clearly pretending to be asleep. The cats and dogs in this calendar are charming, touching, and sometimes perfectly ridiculous—they’re us on a good day.

    - Dimensions: 8 in. x 8 in when closed
    - Calendar has 12 images
    - Binding: Stapled
    - Item # CAL2017SM