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Myth Match: A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts

You might have heard of the unicorn and the griffin but what about the unifin? This fantastical flipbook collects together magical and mythical creatures from all over the world, then lets you mix and match their fronts and backs to create even more wondrous beasts of your own! From the wolpertinger and the bakeneko to the kraken and the qilin, this mixed-up magical bestiary has over 1,000 possible creations to fascinate, bewitch, and beguile.

Mythical beasts and the animal world are represented in many of the Getty’s collection of illuminated manuscripts and medieval bestiaries.

- 310 pages
- 9 Inches W x 12.5 Inches L x 0.63 W
- Concealed spiral binding
- Laurence King Publishing
- Ages 8-12
- 2018
- Item #: 978-1786271938