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One Year Wiser: 365 Illustrated Meditations



  • One Year Wiser is a book of 365 inspiring meditations. On every page are words of wisdom from thinkers both ancient and modern, from the Buddha to Abraham Lincoln to Anne Frank. Brought to life by Mike Medaglia’s stunning Japanese- and Chinese-influenced artwork, the spiritual teachings that fill this book will inspire readers to make mindfulness a daily habit. Drawn in an accessible, contemporary style, One Year Wiser provides a visual guide to the spiritual teachings of thinkers as diverse as the Dalai Lama, Virginia Woolf, Albert Einstein, Seneca, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, and Mark Twain.

    - Mike Medaglia
    - 192 pages
    - 4.8 Inches W x 7.1 Inches L x 1.4 Inches H
    - Hardcover
    - Abrams
    - 2015
    - Item #: 978-1910593011

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