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Optical Illusions 2

Explore the secrets behind more than 30 of the world's most amazing visual puzzles, tricks, and illusions, and then learn how to make your own. Much more than your average puzzle book, Optical Illusions 2 takes things to the next level, turning these mind-benders into exciting interactive and 3-D games with flaps, tabs, and pullouts, putting logic and reasoning skills to the test for endless entertainment. You can even explore the science behind illusions and find out exactly how they boggle your brain and fool your eyes. Then, when you're ready to amaze others, use the instructions and tips and 10 template cards provided to draw puzzling patterns, play with perspective, and so much more. It's time to stretch your mental muscles to the max!

- 32 pages
- 8.8 Inches W x 10.9 Inches L x 1.0 Inches H
- Hardcover
- DK Publishing
- For ages 8-12
- 2017
- Item #:978-1465463241