Vasa - Limited Edition Getty Exclusive - Monolith Series 15" Sculpture - Pastel

  • Color and acrylic plastic go together for Yugoslavian-born California artist, Vasa. Since 1967, he has been using the medium of colored planes of clear acrylic plastic as a structural support for different planes of transparent color. Expecting to explore this work for a few years, Vasa continues today to discover new possibilities with the medium. In the words of former art critic of the Los Angeles Times, Henry Seldis, Vasa has become 'the most sensuous and sensational colorist of the Southern California artists working in plastic'. In 2016, the J. Paul Getty Museum store commissioned these limited edition pieces. The edition has been limited to 25 in each color in two sizes. Each comes with its own numbered certificate, signed and numbered by the artist.

    - Made in Southern California
    - 15 in T x 7 in W x 1.5 in D (37 cm x T 18.5 cm W x 4.5 cm D)
    - Item#: 15MONOPT