Peony Sugar Flower

  • The Peony Sugar Flower is carefully handcrafted from a firm sugar paste by Emily Boyd Longcope, an artist with extensive culinary experience. She creates elegant dessert displays, handcrafting sugar paste sculptures into remarkable floral pieces - taking care to replicate the details of each petal. This flower is perfect for a centerpiece, cake, or keepsake.

    - For decorative use only.
    - Measures approximately 4.25 inches across with a 3.5 inch stem wrapped for easy placement in a cake
    - Store away from heat, moisture or direct sunlight
    - Do not freeze or refrigerate
    - Flowers are delicate and are double boxed for shipping; each flowers comes with specific instructions in unpacking and removing cotton supports 
    - Item #: PEONY

    For the European courts of the 15th century and on, festivals were staged on a grand scale, with food and lavish banquets taking center stage. Artists who designed decorations for the feasts were pastry chefs, cooks and master carvers. They became a part of an emerging profession that continues today.