Polar: A Photicular Book

SKU: 978-0761185697
  • Take a stunning journey to the ends of the earth through the colorful, fluid motion of Photicular® technology. A phenomenon first seen in the bestsellers Safari and Ocean, Photicular technology uses sliding lenses and video imagery to display realistic living motion in the pages of a book. It’s like a movie in your hand. Penguins waddle in their irresistibly happy way. A walrus lumbers across the snowy landscape. There’s a polar bear with her lively cubs. A beluga whale, breaching. A team of sled dogs sprinting directly at the viewer. And the miracle of the Northern Lights, shimmering like a silk rainbow through the star-filled night. National Geographic writer Carol Kaufmann brings the reader along on a voyage to the North and South Poles, and writes a lively and informative essay for each image, including vital statistics for each animal, such as their size, range, habitat, and more.

     - Dan Kainen & Carol Kaufmann
    - 24 pages
    - Hardcover
    - 8.2" W x 2" H x 8.2" L
    - Workman
    - 2015
    - Item #: 978-0761185697