Polaroid 600 Camera - Red Stripe

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  • The Polaroid 600 Red Stripe OneStep Flash is a limited edition, easy to use, point-and-shoot camera that is great for anyone just starting out with instant photography or those looking for a classic camera with a touch of fun for everyday use. The Polaroid 600 Red Stripe OneStep Flash uses a built-in automatic flash and a close-up adaptor for photos as close as 2 feet. Also comes with flash override and exposure correction slider, and is fitted with a frog tongue to protect your photos as they exit the camera.

    - Refurbished Box-type instant camera with automatic flash in plastic housing 
    - Lens: 106mm, built-in fixed-focus single-element plastic
    - Focus range: 4ft – infinity
    - Flash: Built-in automatic electronic flash (powered by batteries in film; film sold separately)
    - Flash range: 2ft – 10ft.
    - Maximum aperture: f/14.
    - Minimum aperture: f/42.
    - Shutter: Electronic.
    - Shutter speed: 1/3 to 1/200th second.
    - Film: Uses 600 film for Polaroid cameras, sold separately 
    - Camera powered by electronic batteries included in film
    - Item delivered may differ slightly in color or design from exact model shown
    - Camera may show some small signs of wear; this product has naturally had previous owners
    - Warranty: one year
    - Item #: 1495

    The photographs collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum contains images that were taken with similar Polaroid cameras and film, including those by artists such as Andy Warhol, Lucas Samaras, and Robert Mapplethorpe.