Daffodil Pop-up Notecard

This is a delightful celebration of uplifting emotions and support. Daffodils are a hardy springtime flower that traditionally symbolizes resilience and success. The bright blossoms of this arrangement will outlast normal cut flowers and will continue to thrive without any need for water. The bouquet will continue to cheer your special someone for many years to come.

- 100% recyclable paper
- Pop up bouquet measures 10 inches W x 12 inches H inches when flat
- When opened the bouquet measures 12 inches in H x 6 inches D
- The envelope measures 10.5 inches W x 12 inches H
- 8 flowers that with envelope and notecard Mails flat
- Requires three Forever stamps to mail
- Included is a notecard for a personal greeting.
- Item #: 3753