Pring's Photographer's Miscellany

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  • How did Kodak company get its name? Who invented the Minox spy camera? Were there really fax machines in the mid-19th century? And what would a photographer use Mod Podge for? The answers to all these questions and many, many more are to be found in this intriguing compendium of photographic fascination compiled by Roger Pring.

    Cloth-bound, packed with arresting images and beautifully typeset by the author himself, Pring’s Photographer’s Miscellany will make an intriguing gift for all photographers. Dipping into the book will reveal the origins of the photographer’s craft, tips and tricks of the greats, a host of revealing quotes and fascinating trivia: and you’ll not only be richly entertained, you will certainly learn something you can use next time you shoot.
  • Roger Pring
    96 pages
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