Greek Amphora - Achilles and Ajax

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  • Located at the base of the Acropolis in the Plaka, the oldest section of Athens, is a charming workshop and gallery where artisan Sofia Gani creates intricately detailed replicas of classical Greek Vases. Beautifully hand-painted, Sofia meticulously reproduces Corinthian, Geometric, Red or Black Figure designs on each unique terracotta piece. Each vase is signed and numbered by the artist.

    - For decorative use only, not food safe
    - Dust gently, wipe clean with damp cloth
    - 5.25 inches diameter x 6.25 inches W x 12 inches H (13.3 cm diam. x 16 cm W x 30.4 cm H)
    - Handcrafted and painted in Athens, Greece
    - Item #: neck 30

    This Greek double-handled amphora is a reproduction of a well-known vase in the collection at the Vatican Museums. The original vase was made by the artist and potter, Exekias (c. 540-520BCE). The scene depicted on one side is Ajax and Achilles, seated on low stools, leaning forward playing a board game that the helmeted Achilles is winning: tessara (four) is written beside his head, while tria (three) is written by Ajax's. On the opposite side of the vase is an image of Dioskouroi returning home to his parents Leda and Tyndareos. A slave boy brings a change of clothes for Kastor. Pollux, who has already shed his travelling clothes, plays with the family dog.